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Player's Name: Cirrus
What Kingdom Hearts games have you played/read?
In chronological order ::
- Kingdom Hearts
- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
- Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM
- Kingdom Hearts II / first six chapters of Kingdom Hearts II
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Character: The Gambler of Fate // No. X, Luxord
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Version: Pre CoM
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Luxord appears to be, after Lexaeus and Xaldin respectively, the most physically fit member of the Organization. His muscles lack the sheer bulk of the former two members listed, but beware under-estimating the Gambler's stature, as Luxord isn't some gym rat--and never would he be such a thing. He earned these muscles through simple hard labor.
His skin, his skin, it's of a fair pumpkin color, a hue that perfectly compliments the natural color scheme. The slightly tinted tone of his skin brings out the brilliant lapis lazuli colored irises, making them almost the first thing to notice, despite how narrow and critically analytical they seem at all times. His hair is of a bright, sun-bleached looking platinum blond, and is, in every way, very neatly trimmed, as is proper among the English. What's more, though; his sideburns and goatee seem to almost frame his high cheek bones and angled jawline, while angled eyebrows exaggerate that clandestine and almost taunting appearance typically seen on his face. Stainless steel piercings seem to complete the look in an complimenting, but rugged way. Such piercings, when combined with his physique and either analyzing or cheshire expression, often make him appear to be quite conniving and dastardly, indeed.
But when one looks at Luxord, they don't just see an intimidating face. They also get an eyeful of his build, which on its own, can be impressive in its own ways. His shoulders are broad, as is his chest, features that are accentuated by the hems of his cloak. His hands aren't abnormally so, but they are what one might call large, and though they have callouses on the palms and fingertips from work, his fingers are quite nimble and skilled. As they should be for a gambler, whose specialty lies within the manipulation of one's the playing field, both in and out of battle. For that reason, the sleeves on all of his cloaks have a bell shape, all the better to seemingly 'pull out of his sleeve' when trying to intimidate a foe.
He also carries himself with great pride, and even a bit of an ego, albeit it seems to come with the territory for gamblers of any sort, as they need to keep that poker face on at all times. Likewise, his strides are long and sure, his head held high and his shoulders back. In all, he seems to be a proper, and strapping English gent, but appearances can be deceiving.

Luxord doesn't actually have a personality, a trait shared among the Thirteenth Order. He does, however, have what can be quite amusingly referred to as a 'poker face.'
The first and foremost trait one will notice about Luxord is that he likes to speak in prose, utilizing the English language to its fullest to create wonderfully flowing sentences. He doesn't always speak in such a manner though, no. He seems to prefer speaking in such a manner when taunting targets, in moments of triumph, and whenever he's trying to flatter those around him for whatever reason have he.
The next thing one would notice about him, is that, when not speaking in prose, his words usually carry multiple meanings, and that he compares, if not speaks, as though everything were a game, and everyone was but pawns in the grand scheme of things. Albeit, his speech can be a bit curt, it's only when battle is just on the horizon. He seems to be fond of fighting, viewing it as another game, and while he typically immerses himself and those around him in word games, always dancing around points for various reasons, he prefers to cut right to the chase and get right to the fight. Once said battle begins, however, it turns into another one of his elaborate games.
His sense of humor is(as seen in the KH II manga) rather harsh. Even though he's only joking around and poking fun at others, he does so by focusing on errors or faults, elaborately taunting the target with either prose, or clever and witty remarks.
His interest in games permeates every aspect of his non-existance. He refers to everything as a game, often comparing different situations to different strategies. His mind is highly analytical, always thinking at least five steps ahead of his opponent, including considering the consequences of each possible outcome and how to use the resulting actions in his favor. His battle style relies on defense, evasive maneuvers and counter strikes until it's come to a checkmate. Also, given his nature, it would only makes sense that this particular nobody has a fondness for passing the time with such games. Beware this manipulator if you're not on his team, as he shows a fierce loyalty towards Xemnas and his followers.
As a side-note, all of his decks, save for a few, are named after the Major Arcana in the tarot decks. Those who notice or inquire would find that Luxord is somewhat superstitious, and does practice the art of reading tarot when asked, thus attributing to his alias as The Gambler of Fate. ...Or to simply mindfuck people with the detailed knowledge he gleans from the reading, and perhaps by giving faulty readings on purpose to frighten others into believing pure coincidence to be omens.

Weaponry :: Prefers the Fair Game deck, though he has a number of them
The Fool, The Magician, The Star, The Moon, Justice, The Hierophant, The World
Temperance, The High Priestess, The Tower, The Hanged Man, Death, The Hermit
Strength, The Lovers, The Chariot, The Sun, The Empress, The Emperor, The Joker
Fair Game, Finest Fantasy 13, High Rollers Secret

Luxord controls the powerful element of time, and while this element can greatly aid him in battle, he is also severely limited in its usage. A nifty little side-effect is that, upon entering any world, he is immediately in tune with the exact time of each particular world as far as hours of the day goes. A living atomic clock, if you would. He hears no ticking in his head, but rather..he just knows it, it's seemingly instinctual.

The Gambler has the power to, indeed, slow, hasten, or stop the passage of time entirely in contained areas. The rate at which his energy is depleted will depend entirely upon the rate at which he slows or hastens the passage of time. Also, the area of which this alteration in the passage of time occurs is a powerful variant. Though Luxord's tactics can be annoying to those who prefer to rush in and be done with things, he does enjoy a good challenge, so his use of his element is typically only used sporadically to either give him more time to think and react to any given situation, or to hasten his own oncoming attacks/counter attacks. He's found that his limits to safely hastening or slowing the passage of time can range up to 4x the normal rate of passage, and time can only be altered while he is presence. If Luxord were to suddenly leave for whatever reason, the alteration in the field of time would instantly drop.
From the perspective of someone caught in a state of altered time, while caught in a stated of slowed time, the world around them will seem to move in fast-forward, and the target will physically feel that they are moving slower when the mind compares the body's movements to those of beings around them, as though trying to trudge through thick mud. The opposite will be true for those caught in hastened states of time. The world will move slower around them and can see the movement of those around them in stark detail since they seem to be occurring slowly. Their own reflexes seem to react quicker and with more ease in their mind, although this is only an illusion created by the brain when comparing the body's movements to another being's moving at normal speed.
When it comes to stopping time all together, it's proven to be quite a tiresome task, though it can come in handy if he's ever in a tight situation(such time stops will have to be approved by all members present in the thread before occurring, though). He can safely stop time for up to five minutes in a small room(about the size of the shack with the save point in Destiny Islands at the beginning of KH). If he leaves, though, time will instantly resume. Any longer and Luxord risks severe fatigue, followed then by blacking out. Typically his body seems to have a fail safe, and will, unless he forces himself, resume time on its own(think survival instinct). For those whom time has stopped for, they will be unable to move, and unaware that they are caught in a paused state of time. Only when time resumes and everything is suddenly out of place, will they notice. The body will also seem to suffer a very slight case of something similar to jet lag, though rather than being tired, the target's senses will be slightly disoriented until their body realizes what's happened and regains a mental equilibrium( kind of like waking up from a dream that seemed real. It takes a few minutes to realize that you're still in bed and it was only a dream, and then everything seems in place and normal again ). Stopping time entirely is a rare occurrence.

Luxord's cards seem to be made up of darkness like the other member's weapons, however, they have the unique ability to alter their consistency and density for combat purposes. Typically, Luxord's cards have an almost metallic quality to them, being as unyielding as diamonds or as pliable as regulation cards, and the edges of the cards can be altered to have either razor or blunt edges depending on whether they're used as weapons or as shields. The size of the cards can vary upon summoning based on what Luxord needs. However, there are restraints with this, as well. For each card Luxord summons, he must be consciously aware of each one constantly, thus he tries not to summon too many at once. The only exception from this rule is when Luxord is summoning a large number of cards to the battlefield to lay face down, and this is because he is not attacking with, nor controlling the movements of these cards. Once they are summoned, they remain face-down on the ground and stationary.
Luxord has the ability to be drawn into his own cards, and is capable of freely jumping between each card via portals within the cards theirselves. This makes an effective hiding place, and an excellent means to surprise opponents, as whenever he talks, his voice seems to radiate from each card(though there's lag. All of the cards he's not hiding in will have a moment's delay). When summoning a number of cards face-down on the ground to hide, summoning them takes up a very large portion of his energy, but the ability to hide in them and attack sporadically from random cards is invaluable(this tactic is rarely used). He can also trap others within a card at will, though this also takes up a large portion of energy, and is not used often unless playing some of his many games.
As seen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, one of Luxord's finishing moves is the ability to turn his cards into, essentially, grenades.
One of his most common tactics is using his cards as throwing stars, or they can also be used in strings of multiple cards to slice like knives( as illustrated in my unfinished drawing here ). This is the easiest means of attack and counterattack via his own weapons.

Luxord's specialty in battle is that of crowd control and defense. His main means of offense is via counterattack, though he can occasionally get in a good sucker-punch with his cards, or even his fists if necessary( he's a decent melee fighter. He's not very fast, but he can pack a srsbsns punch. When using his hands, he's a brawler ). Therefore, it's highly recommended that Luxord have a good offense fighter to aid him.

As for his mental strengths, Luxord's true skill lies within his near mastery of the English language. His prose can dazzle opponents and members of the organization alike, and often hold more than one meaning. This is because, should Luxord's words be used against him, he can always claim that there was a misinterpretation of his statements, and thus be relieved of most, if not all, accusations. Likewise, he constantly analyzes everything. It's a gambler's habit to do so, and as such, he's sometimes suspicious of other's actions, but he rarely voices his concerns until he has reason to believe they will hinder the Organization's efforts. Plus, he usually doesn't care to stick his nose in other people's business. If it doesn't involve him, he'll likely just ignore it and watch the events unfold with what could be interpreted as the ghost of amusement(as nobodies can't truly feel, as we all know), occasionally placing bets on the outcomes with those who are also aware of the hidden schemes.
As a gambler, as noted before, Luxord's skills of manipulation rivals that of Saix's, and though the Gambler seems frustrated at times, he has no desire to aspire to higher ranks. Thus his skills are usually put to use for either the good of the Organization, or for his own monetary gain, be it munnies or valuable information that he desires, or other members of the Organization craves. Often times, he can easily direct an entire conversation, and has been known, on occasion, to subtly introduce ideas into another's mind to influence them into doing this or that. Sly brit is sly. Definitely not a nobody you'd want to invoke the artificial wrath of.

Luxord's weakness, like his strength, lies within time. He absolutely can not afford to push himself too far. Out of all of the nobodies, Luxord is the most at risk of fading when trying to over exert himself in any given situation, thus he must be cautious and careful about manipulating time to any degree, and how often he does so. This is because of the sheer amount of energy it takes to warp something as abstract and impalpable as time. Luxord can not, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many ethers, elixirs, or steroids in general that is given to him, reverse the passage of time. What's done is done, and attempting to do so could easily become fatal.
His cards can also be another one of his downfalls. He has an excellent defense, and can use his cards in sudden bursts(as seen in KH Days) to throw enemies back, but offense is difficult, and he's almost vulnerable in battles against ranged opponents such as Xigbar or Xaldin. Likewise, to those who can sense darkness, whenever he uses portals to jump from one face-down card to the next, one can easily tell where he's going from and where he's headed to. Luxord also relies on his stamina in fights. He can last quite a while in a battle, thus he depends on the ability to out-last an opponent and be able to take a good beating until they grow too tired and he can easily swoop in for the finishing blow if by himself. However, with opponents who use longer and ranged weapons(Saix, Axel, or Sora), if they prove to be fast enough and can take a decent beating theirselves, can easily overcome Luxord by playing his waiting games patiently and out-lasting his efforts to tire them, thus being the one to come in and deal the final blow without getting close enough for him to effectively attack or counter with his cards.

As far as his faults in 'personality' go, Luxord's habit of turning everything into a game sometimes leads to dangerous actions, as he's prone to, just to break routine and get a rush of adrenaline, take the chance and go for something at times. This usually manifests in small games he starts up with others, be it a drinking game, a challenge, or a good bet on various activities..none of which he can refuse. The higher the stakes and the harder it is to predict, the more appealing it is to him.

Not much is known about Luxord's past, and his mannerisms can be quite confusing when it comes to guessing at his origins. The only real clues he gives to others is his English accent, daring nature, fighting skills, his fighting style, and his harsh sense of humor. However, given his taste of a more formal attire, an occasional show of gentlemanly qualities(even if only for his own benefit), and his habit of having a nice brunch, a set tea time, and his sparse use of British slang, the details are conflicting, and could come about in any household.

What is known about Luxord is that when sent out on missions, the Brit is always thoroughly prepared, and focuses alternatively on small details and the large picture when assessing the best possible way to complete a task, never getting frustrated over either. He's not above using the locals and current events in a world to his advantage(as seen in KH II when seizing control of the ship that gave chase to the Black Pearl, the HMS Interceptor, to attack Sora and his group), nor is he capable of showing any remorse or hesitance when resorting to crude and cruel tactics to set the stage for success in his missions(as it's implied in KH II that Luxord murdered Will Turner's entire crew to set his plans in motion, or at least used the fact that they were killed and the local superstitions and magic concerning the gold to his advantage). He's a snake in the grass, and can easily lie in wait for the opportune moment. It is also known that Luxord is often sent out on recon missions, sent out with parties to take down large specimens of Heartless as a vital defenseman, and makes for an excellent teacher for new members. His cryptic ways seem to be a favorite among the others when it comes to teaching the newer members the ways of the Organization, as he never outright gives newcomers the answers, but he does subtly give them a mean to an answer, and lets them figure things out on their own(as in KH Days, on the mission to Wonderland. There's no doubt Luxord was making the connections, but he wasn't going to do all the work for Roxas, as it was an exercise to assess Roxas' mental and physical capabilities).