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[ OOC ] Highroller's Secret // Directory

{ Undisclosed Desires }Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of
w e a l t h   &&   t a s t e


[ Luxord || No. ✘ || Gambler of Fate ]
[[ HMD // Permissions // Application // About Luxord ]]

Any problems with the way I play Luxord?
Is there enough sarcasm and prose, or too much?
Is he using too much or too little English and Gambling slang?
Or it might be that he's not quite sly enough in your opinion.
Drop a line, I love constructive criticism. ♥

Screening || On
IP Tracking || Off


If you see me have some courtesy
have some sympathy, and some taste
use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your soul to
                                        ...w  a  s  t  e

[ He's seen quite a bit take place within the past few weeks, and since he's assumed the patrons have had time to explore the new room they've opened, he thinks it high time to stir the pot. It's time to ruffle the feathers of his play-mates, to see past the facades of happiness they've tried to erect while rebuilding their lives in this prison. ...Why yes, Luxord can have quite the sadistic streak. ]

Well, seems as though the fates favor those that deign sit at our table.

As this elaborate game of ours flourishes, your gracious hosts deigned bequeath unto you the coveted gift of freedom. What say you, our patrons? The designs were amiably superfluous with naught but your comfort in mind, after all.

Are the vivid spectrums of your new playing fields suitable? Are the tables still too crowded, or have you now the room to draw your cards without prying eyes?

Or perhaps the knowledge that you are seeing no more than artificial recreations, left barren and devoid of all you've once known, spoils whatever winnings you might have earned?

Locked to Setzer // Voice

[ So, without any official missions assigned to him, and a lack of venturing from his quarters, he'd grown restless again. His world had grown to safe and predictable, much to his chagrin. Digging through the archives for information on the creatures he'd encountered during the fight with that masked boy had yielded nothing, thus continuing in his search would be fruitless.

tl;dr : Luxord had too much free time on his hands and nothing interesting to do with it. ]
Setzer, I've heard whispers of your prowess with cards throughout the city. Care for a game of chance?

A challenge { Text // Locked to Zexion }

Everyone needs to borrow a few moments for theirselves, to take some time to relax and unwind from the day's stresses. So, unto you I propose a simple solution to the day's stresses: a game.

A game of chess. That would be to simple for men of our stature though, thus I thought we might up the ante. The rules of the game are as follows:

 - We each choose our 'King' from the roster of citizens within the confines of Castle Oblivion, including, but not limited to members of the Organization.
 - From there, each player will choose their Queen, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and finally, the pawns. Mixing of factions and patrons from various worlds is allowed.
 - Both sides must agree whenever a piece is considered 'out.'

Will you accept the challenge?

♠ Filler Post + Constructive Criticism

Like a moth to the flame
flashing lights will draw you in.
and the threads of fate
will mingle with gin,
kindling sinful delight.
But beware, the dealer's grin,
devious forces are at work.

I'll deal you in
B u t   w e   g a m b l e   f o r   k e e p s